Cardiovascular Examination and Therapy medical center in Poland. The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you regain your strength, to prevent your condition from worsening, to reduce your risk of future heart problems, and to help you lead a better quality of life. Cardiovascular is related to the circulatory system wherein it contains the heart and blood vessels. It is where the oxygen is being transmitted to the body tissues and then takes away the carbon dioxide and other wastes.

Cardiovascular disorders still remain the main cause of death of people around the world. Every year almost a million die from hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of the disease. However, that doesn’t mean this is completely out of your hands.

American Heart of Poland company has been established by the experienced cardiologists and cardiosurgeons from Poland and the USA in 2000. The main goal is to build a network of modern Polish-American Heart Clinics. At the moment American Heart of Poland comprises 20 Branches in Poland which provide highly-specialized medical services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory system diseases.

Polish American Clinic Serca (Polsko-Amerykańskie Kliniki Serca – PAKS), American Heart of Poland S.A. are the network of interventional cardiology, angiology and also cardio surgery sections in Poland. In 2000, the hospitals were established at the initiative of excellent Polish doctors along with the United States of America. The Founding Fathers of American Heart of Poland were Pawel Buszman, Stefan R. Kiesz and also Jack L. Martin.

As a heaven of low healthcare prices, Poland was discovered a few years ago, by international travelers, during shopping trips. Nowadays, Poland is identified as a relaxation destination, frequently associated with therapy and rehabilitation. Poland has become a leader of Central Europe’s medical tourism industry, most frequently visited by Germans, British, Scandinavians and Canadians.

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