VimedCell – The long success story of Living Cell Therapy in Germany

Living Cell Therapy – a therapy for the loss of youth – helped many personalities to achieve new health and vitality. Living Cell Therapy is a treatment based on biological substances conveyed in a suspension containing hundreds of thousands of cells and minute cell unions, preferably from unborn – or in the case of gland injections -from young donor animals which are injected into the patient. These cell components allow defective cells in the human body to regenerate by supplying the patient’s ailing organ, or the aging organism as a whole, with valuable biochemical substance groups. The advantage over Stem Cell Therapy is that with Living Cell Therapy genetic diseases are avoided.

Living Cell Therapy has helped many personalities achieve new health and vitality, including Pope Pius XII, Emperor Hirohito, Emperor Haile Selassi, King Ibn Saud, Konrad Adenauer, Charlie Chaplin and many more. More than 5 million people have been successfully treated with Living Cell Therapy.

VIMED CELL is the only living cell clinic which provides a special treatment concept, combining the Living Cell Therapy, the Blood Laser Therapy and cell organ based supplements to get the best results. VIMED CELL experts are using the treatment according to Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans since several decades. They have refined the therapy continually over the years and have constantly expanded the field of applications such as injected not only single organs but also organic systems, i.e. several organs which combine to form one functional unit.

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