SGIT for Diabetic Obesity | Bariatric Surgery Procedure Cost

SGIT for Diabetic Obesity. In this video you will learn about bariatric surgery procedure, SGIT for diabetic obesity, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with ileal transposition. Ileal Interposition is a metabolic surgery procedure, used to treat overweight diabetic patients through surgery.

Type 2 diabetic patients who cannot achieve blood sugar control despite appropriate treatment or suffering from organ damage should consider this operation. This is not a standard treatment for patients with low body mass index, and should only be performed in accordance with certain clinic protocols.

SGIT is a bariatric surgery procedure that can be effective as gastric bypass bariatric surgery for weight control, and to help the body regulate glycemic control. Such surgery has been effective
in some patients diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus.

Type II diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus conditions may occur anytime, even as an adult, when it is called
adult onset diabetes mellitus.
Two major types of diabetes occur:

Sleeve gastrectomy is a form of bariatric surgery that creates a small, sleeve shaped stomach that is relative in size to an average banana. Considered an alternative to traditional Roux-en- Y
bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy is considered a treatment option for those with a BMI of 60 or higher and is typically performed as the first part of a two-part procedural treatment that may lead to gastric bypass depending upon results.


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